How to know when your Pool needs Repair, Maintenance and Renovation

As much as we all would love for our pools to run on it own, constant maintenance is a simple part of the package. Repairing and renovating your pool over a period of time will not only retain its original shine but also increase its longevity drastically. As tempting as this may appear, for many of us deciding when your pool is due for a renovation can prove to be hassle. Put your worries aside as we have the top tips for knowing when to spruce up your pool.


Refresh & Replaster


Replastering breathes in new life into even the most worn down pools but how do you know when the time is right? Looking for visible signs of damage is a great indicator for when your pool needs replastering. Cracks, severe discolouration or blisters on the surface are an excellent example of long-term damages that can ail the wellbeing of your pool. For a more thorough idea, inspect the sides and floor of your pool for roughness, if the surface is uncomfortable to touch with your hands and causes slight cuts or scratches to your skin, it is definitely time for a fresh coat of plaster. However, replastering can be a tricky task and requires a great deal of professional advice so we strongly encourage you to seek help from your local pool specialists on all the tips and tricks needed to give your pool a makeover.


Get with the times!


For most Pool Maintenancehomeowners, your pool is an incredibly important part of your property and for those wishing to sell in the long run, a crucial asset. Chances are that when you built your brand new pool it was the priced jewel of your house but over the years of its use it may be lacking its original shine. If the walls of your pool have lost their lustrous colour or the design is simply too out dated, renovating is a great way of keeping your pool modern and in great shape. Consider reinvigorating the exterior of your pool by replacing the paving if it betrays signs of wear and cracks or even redesigning the surrounding or stairs of your pool to give it contemporary look.


Safe and secure


Most of us have had the comforts of our pool for many years now without the hassle of any electrical or mechanical issues. Despite this it is essential to get the mechanisms of your pool checked periodically to insure it is in working order. A good indicator for repairing you pool is to check for leaks. If your pool shows signs of leakage, it is time to get it looked at by an expert to prevent the problem from expanding. Aside from this, if the lights are no longer in working order then the electrical component of your pool should also be checked as to detect problems in its design.


Out with the old and in with the new


Scanning the aisles of your closest pool specialists is a great way of knowing when it’s time to update your pool. Heating systems, filters, strainers, you name it, the market is constantly being flooded with bigger and better ways of running your pool efficiently. With so many environmentally friendly tools available for your pool, running an ecofriendly household is beneficial to our planet whilst proving highly cost effective. Updating your pool with new technology will allow it to run more effectively as well as greatly increasing its life span.


Safety, savings or simply the urge to try something new, whatever the motivation may be, don’t shy away from a pool renovation and contact your nearest pool specialist for all the information on the latest pool products and technology.