The Importance of Pool Covers

With a wide variety of pool equipment and products available on the market, choosing the ones worth your money can be quite tiresome. One product bound to improve the durability and efficiency of your pool is the trusty pool cover. This particular gear is a great way of protecting and effectively improving the maintenance of your pool all year round.

Save your water
You are all bound to know the struggles of maintaining your pool against the hassle of evaporation. Fear not, installing a pool cover will protect the water from sunlight reducing evaporation by up to 95%. Lowering the levels of evaporation will drastically reduce on-going costs for running your pool, insuring huge savings in the long run.

Keep it green, keep it clean

For home-owners with large amounts of greenery and bushes neighboring your pool, a cover is a great way of keeping your pool in a clean and hygienic state. The pool cover not only prevents pollutants such as twigs, leaves and other plant materials but also keeps nasty insects at bay, making your pool safer for your friends and family. Additionally, with fewer contaminants infecting your water, your use of chemical purifiers is bound to decrease. After all, the beauty of a naturally healthy pool is far greater than one which is heavily induced in chemical based products.

Safe and sound

Households with young children and pets can largely benefit from installing a pool cover. The cover keeps the water clean and fresh as well as keeping your young ones safe and sound allowing you to enjoy its comfort free of worries. Moreover it prevents accumulation of bacteria which can be harmful to the delicate immune systems of young children as well as pets.

All warmed up

For those of us who don’t have pool heaters, covering your pool overnight and in colder temperatures can successfully retain large amounts of natural heat. The warmth of your pool can quickly dwindle due to the chilly temperatures throughout the night making for a rather uninviting pool. Installing a cover will keep your pool warm cosy, perfect for a quick swim in the morning.

Cover it up during the off-season

During the winter months, a pool cover can significantly reduce your ongoing maintenance costs. If you live in an area that gets pretty chilly around this time of the year, getting a cover will keep the infrastructure and equipment of your pool in a healthy condition. Smaller pool gadgets such as pumps and heaters can suffer a lot due to the freezing and expanding of water, as mentioned earlier the pool cover will retain certain levels of natural heat preventing damage to such equipment.

Pool covers come in a large range of materials such as mesh, vinyl, tarp and more, to meet the needs of your household.

  • Tarp: If looking for an inexpensive way of protecting your pool against debris and other pollutants, this is the way to go. Economical and easy to use this cover is great for minimal protection however can sink into the water due to heavy rain or snowfall.

  • Mesh: The mesh covers help the rain water and the melting snow drain right into the pool while keeping the dirt and debris out. These covers keep your pool hygienic and clean due to its secure fittings but can allow certain amounts of sunlight to pass through often leading to bacterial growth.

  • Vinyl: The most common option however is the vinyl cover that keeps your pool free of contaminants and retains heat as well making it safer due to its sturdy material.

  • Solar pool covers: These are made of a special material that absorbs and traps the sun’s thermal energy resulting in a warmer pool.

  • Pool covers protect your pool from various contaminants, reduce your carbon footprint, keep your pool warm as well as allow for a comfortable and safe environment for your loved ones. For more information on the benefits of pool covers as well as a great selection of the different types of covers available to you, check out your local pool cover supplier, American Pool Services.