How to Make Your Pool Environmentally Friendly

Whether it is refreshing swims in the summer months or kicking back after a long day’s work, swimming pools are rapidly becoming an essential part of our households. The number of house owners willing to go the extra mile to get the comforts of a pool in their house is rapidly growing. However despite the various luxuries that your pool brings, it can have some rather harmful effects upon our environment. Fear not, with a few small adjustments and a trip to your local pool store, you can have a perfectly eco-friendly and chlorine free pool in no time!

An essential tool in getting that environmental tick of approval is the all-important pool cover. Pool covers are available in a vast variety and prove to be an economical way to keep your pool clean and cool, preventing it from evaporating. Avoiding evaporation is a great way of helping out our environment whilst saving a good couple of bucks on maintenance costs such as refills.

We all love the uplifting feeling of stepping into your warm and relaxing pool at the end of a tiring day but the ongoing costs of having a pool heating system and its impacts upon the environment can be quite a dampener. If like most of us you are looking to save a couple of dollars on the maintenance costs for your pool then solar heating is the answer! Pool heaters that use solar power come in a wide variety and can mount up to huge saving in the long haul as well as significantly reducing your carbon footprint.
For those of us unable to make drastic changes to our households, simple measures such as regularly cleaning your pool and its equipment can be a quick and inexpensive fix for your environmental woes. Clean your pool frequently using a simple pool cleaning net rather than relying on pumps and filters alone to do the job. Simple fixes such as cleaning once a week, prevent debris from collecting and keep the filters and pool pumps in a good condition, significantly improving the quality of your pool.

Another quick and inexpensive way to be environmentally friendly is by scanning the aisles of your nearest pool specialist for eco-friendly pool sanitizers, like salt chlorinators which are increasingly becoming more popular, as well as other chlorine free and bromine free sanitizers. Reducing the level of chemicals your pool is exposed to not only helps the environment but is beneficial to you and your family’s health and wellbeing. Natural and chemical free products such as organic cleaners and clarifiers reduced the chlorine levels in your pool and kill bacteria and algae in an environmentally friendly manner. A chlorine free pool is also gentler on your skin and hair.

Whether you decide to go the whole hog and install a solar heating system or take simple steps such as frequent cleaning and natural products, going green is recommended to any home owner looking to enjoy the maximum comforts of their pool in the long run.

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