Support Products

Whether you’re having a pool party or just want to give your pool or spa that extra sparkle and shine, we carry several different support products for fast-acting solutions to any issues you may have. Our support products help prevent scaling, foaming, and staining while eliminating clogged filters, chemical odors, or eye irritation. Many of our support products are environmentally-friendly, so you can be sure to get rid of problems without harsh chemicals or a prolonged wait.
When it comes to your pool’s chemistry, it is essential to take care of your pool to its own specifications, as few pools are exactly alike. It is vital that your pool’s chemistry is balanced for the best filtration and the longevity of your equipment.

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Even though your water may look clear, there can be problems lurking beneath the surface. We can help to tailor your pool care to its needs and requirements and to your lifestyle. With decades of experience with all different types of pools, spas, and products, we’ll provide for you better quality, better service, and better understanding to maximize your pool experience.